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MTA – Services Available


We carry out major repairs of machines, combined with modernisation of control systems and the mechanics. The modernisations are carried out in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, with particular emphasis placed on the aspects of the safety at work. The modernisations are certified with appropriate declarations of conformity for the works performed and with full documentation, as required by the aforementioned directive. We also offer construction (prefabrication) of control cabinets and control desks, based on our own documentation or on one that we have been entrusted with.






We specialise in designing, constructing and starting up industrial automation systems based on the PLC Siemens programmers. Our goal is to provide our customers with professional and innovative services with a high level of technology. We operate in all of the branches of industry where automation processes allow for lowering the costs and improving the manufacturing processes. We take care of the entire automation process, from developing the concept to execution and programming, as well as preparing the necessary documentation, including the manual of use, operation and service.







Robots provide more than just precision, quality and speed of work – they also let you save a lot of money due to the automation of the process. MTA, having always been a supporter of innovative solutions, programs industrial robots and integrates robots with various types of machines and control systems.  We execute projects and provide services both nationwide and abroad. We possess a broad base of knowledge acquired from training courses and directly from project execution